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Playmaker Coffee

Decaf: Clean Sheet Ethiopia

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12 oz. bag

Medium Roast, Washed


EA Process

Why We Like It:

The EA process is new for Ethiopia.  Usually reserved for American coffees, we now have this decaf process available for the rest of the world.  Decaf drinkers are true coffee lovers.  More than the pick-me-up, they love the taste of coffee. 

Clean Sheet Decaf is Ethiopian coffee without the caffeine.  The EA decaf process uses the ethyl acetate (naturally occurring in fruit like bananas and sugarcane) to wash the caffeine out of the bean and stop it in its tracks, like a goalkeeper on a hot streak, keeping a clean sheet.  That leaves a full bodied, naturally sweetened coffee. 

This Ethiopia EA process highlights the citrus fruit flavors like pineapple, but yet maintains the medium body... and as such, the satisfaction!

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