Who Are We?

Playmaker Coffee is a families business.  We love coffee, we love sports and we love to make things.  We also have a pretty long resume with experience at culinary school, as restaurant and cafe owners and as a coffee industry veteran.  We are the ones with the headbands, tall socks and knee braces at the YMCA gym.  But don't sleep on us because we have a wicked sky hook like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Why Playmaker?

The Playmaker is the #10, the point guard, the quarterback, the hockey player that would rather pass and make the assist than to shoot.  The Playmaker is the creator, the one that makes things happen.  Playmaker Coffee sets you up in the morning, it starts your day with a small victory, which leads to bigger and better things.  For Creators.  With Passion.  Be Champion.

Home Compostable

The coffee bags that we use are home compostable... what does that mean?  The bag is entirely made out of plants, the seal and the valve as well.  You don't have to deconstruct the bag and you don't have to send it to a commercial composter.  When you are done, just put it in your home compost... shouldn't everything be this simple?

Discount Code?

If you have a discount code for a team, make sure you add that to your order upon checkout.  You won't see a discount, but your team will see a benefit.  For each code that we receive, we make a contribution to the team associated with that code.  The more you buy, the more they get.  It is kind of like the old school fundraiser that you had to do, but instead of selling magazines to your neighbors, you get to drink great coffee.  Tell your friends and they can help too!

Local Pick Up Subscription

Unfortunately, due to a technical issue, we are unable to offer automated subscriptions for local pick up.  However, we have created discount codes for the different subscription options for local pick up.  Choose the item that you would like as a "One-time Purchase".  Use the discount code "The Hat Trick" for weekly subscription, "The Double Double" for bi-weekly subscription, and "The Hail Mary" for monthly subscription.  We will contact you to work out the details, basically like keeping the score at a baseball game.  Subscriptions for shipment have no such issues and are warmed up and ready to go!

Suggestion Box

Do you have a suggestion on how we can do better?  Please contact us and let us know what you think.  Like any athlete, if it is a compliment and/or it is constructive, we will listen to it.  If you are just going to heckle us, you can save your breath.